Giving a student a second chance on their original quiz attempt

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Hi Everyone,

I hope I can easily explain this situation.

I have set up my midterm exam in Canvas in a special way.  Essentially, there are multiple versions of each question on the midterm.  All questions are multiple-choice.  I set things up so that each question is tied to particular question bank, and a random question is drawn from that bank for each student.  We hope this will reduce attempts at academic misconduct by better ensuring that each student gets a unique set of questions.

Sadly, yesterday, on our campus, Canvas crashed as several of my students were in the middle of taking the midterm exam.  We have our exams open for a particular window of time, and sometime in that window, students have to take the exam.  Unless students have been approved for extra time through our Disability Services office, most students have to complete the 25 question test in 90 minutes.  Fortunately, not all students were impacted by this issue and Canvas started working again within an hour.

Some students were almost finished with the exam when Canvas crashed.  All they needed to do was check their answers.  However, once Canvas crashed, the exam clock kept ticking and some exams were just automatically submitted when time ran out without students being able to check their work.  I know I can give students another attempt at an assessment, but in this case, that would mean seeing a whole new set of randomly chosen problems.  I don't want that.  I was simply hoping there might be a way for me to allow them back into the work they already completed (i.e., seeing their original attempt again and being able to make modifications to that attempt if needed).  Is that possible once a quiz had been submitted?  

Thank you for your help!

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Was it a Classic Quiz? As far as I know, this functionality is only available in New Quiz, under Moderate and Reopen attempt for a specific student. In Classic, it seems to add an extra attempt and as you say this will be blank with a new set of questions.

All the best,
Rolf Johansson
Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden

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