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Thanks to all who participated in the discussions on Adding custom menu items and Help With Custom Menu Icons and Script.  It has helped me add an icon to our global navigation menu for our campus libraries.

My question is this - is there an open book icon or library icon that anyone is using that is willing to share? I have seen a few institutions with such icons in their global navigation menu, but I did not bookmark them at the time I saw them.

There really isn't an appropriate icon in the Style Guide.

Many thanks in advance!


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I am not sure how he sized it, I just asked if he could make something to respresent our online bookstore and sent him a screenshot of the global navigation.When trying to test the integration, I kept getting an error that was asking for

 <lticm:property name="icon_url">[INSERT OFFICIAL SVG ICON URL HERE - height should be
approx. 50px]</lticm:property> 

So that was when I determined that it was wanting an icon for the global navigation and asked the publishers for their icon and they didn't have one, which brought about the need to make one. I would have thought that the bookstore company would have one built and branded for Canvas!

 He came up with the stack of books, but the first one was just a bit too big, so he "based it on the size of calendar icon" and I don't know what that means, but it is pretty spot on! I can share it with you, I will email it to you. As for the placement, again, I don't know how that happened. It was part of that integration of the online bookstore.

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