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Google Assignments LTI: Grades Not Syncing?

Our teachers use the Google Assignments LTI. We are noticing that teachers are grading within Google Assignments, clicking Return, and the grades are NOT syncing over and appearing in the Canvas grade book.

Has anyone else seen this? It was working before and now it's not working, as of the last few days or so it seems. 

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I am having the SAME issue! I graded EVERYTHING and the grade is not showing up in the Gradebook. It's showing as UNGRADED even though I have Returned it. Ugh!!!

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Our teachers are reporting the same issues. 

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I am having this same issue today. I am grading and returning assignments, but the scores are not showing up in the speed grader or gradebook.

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I'm having the same issue. The gradebook is also not updated to show a submission when a student submits, so I'm giving students zeros when a submission is actually there. Incredibly frustrating. 

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We are experiencing the same issue here. Please advise!!

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I am experiencing the same issue. I have noticed the problem is more prevalent when a student has completed the assignment late or when they have resubmitted after revising their work.

Fingers crossed that there will be a fix soon; it is frustrating for both me and my students to have to double-check grades every time I use the Google Assignments LTI.