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Google Drive Authorization Failed

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I'm trying to access my google drive but everytime I click on it, it say "Authorize".  When I click on "Authorize" I repeatedly get a message that says "Authorization failed. Please click "Authorize" to try again.

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You need to authorize this integration in order to use it.

Please sign in to your Google account and authorize this integration."

I've tried clearing browsing history, disabling cache, clearing cookies (sorry i dont' know if that's the correct terminology but I've done it all).  Nothing seems to be working.  HELP!google drive authorization

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I had a suspicion that my cookies were blocked. I few days ago I was messing with my settings and I think I accidently enabled an option to block cookies. I advise you to follow these steps, please take into account that I am speaking from a chromebook point of view. This is only if you believe cookies are responsible for your struggles.

Press the the 3 Dot Button on your top right corner ---->  Then proceed to press Settings ---->  After once your in the Settings then I would like you to click on Privacy and Secruity ----> From there you will see something called Site Settings ----> Then click on Cookies and Site Data (Your first option) ----> If Block Third Party Cookies is enabled then this is the cause of your problems, simply Disable it and reset your pages

That is what helped me pass the Google Drive Authorization

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-Willy Kemda

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A teacher in my district is having the same problem....

Community Coach
Community Coach

Have you tried logging into your Google Drive normally and then logging into Canvas and trying to set up the integration? 


Sorry you're having this problem,  @eunice_h_chu ‌ (and that you know someone who is having this issue as well,  @lindsay_henry ‌). I've recently done some onsite trainings where we tackled this issue, and here's what I've found. Hope one of these things is helpful.

  • Go to and sign out. You'll see in the upper-right a picture of yourself (or a place where a picture can be). Click that and then log out. Usually this does the trick - we don't realize that we're signed in to our personal accounts while we're using Chrome or actually any browser...
  • Try using a different browser - anything but Chrome - to get it authorized

 @erin_keefe_1 ‌, thank you for  posting these tips/tricks! Much appreciated!!

Community Coach
Community Coach

I also want to add that some districts/institutions have not opened up security settings to allow Google Apps integration. My school is one that does not support the integration, and when I try to log-in, I see very simular error messages.

Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi  @eunice_h_chu ‌ ~ In early September, you posted this question about Google Drive. Are you still experiencing challenges with the authorization process, or did you find a solution? Either way, it would be great to hear from you, especially since other Canvas Community members may have a similar question. If you could take a few minutes to reply, that would be great! I hope you are doing well. Smiley Happy

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We are having the same issue with one student. We tried logging off Canvas and Google. The student is only logged in with her school account. We tried clearing browsing history and cookies as well and nothing has worked. Our students are one-to-one with Chromebooks so a different browser is not possible. The district also restricts incognito tabs so we were not able to test that. When we check in Google settings, it says Canvas is authorized but we continually get the error message when attempting to view a Google Cloud Assignment. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

HI Kristin, I have not found a solution.  I've reached up to the highest levels of our technology department in the school system and they are not able to help.  However, i have found that when use a chromebook, not my desktop, I am able to access the drive.  It's very odd and frustrating.  If you have ANY ideas of how to solve this, it would be greatly appreciated.

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HI Jeremy, 

What we are doing is teaching students how to submit Google Docs via download PDF then Canvas file submission or using the share URL and Canvas URL Submission.

If you search Canvas Commons for "Chris Long Google Drive" you can import a page of student friendly instructions to link students to from your assignment instructions.

I have also customized the Google LTI Configuration XML code so the Google Drive Submission tab no longer shows up in our instance of Canvas and now students aren't plagued with errors when trying to submit their assignments.

Here's a Google Doc with the customized XML code I used.