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Google Drive Authorization Failed

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I'm trying to access my google drive but everytime I click on it, it say "Authorize".  When I click on "Authorize" I repeatedly get a message that says "Authorization failed. Please click "Authorize" to try again.

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You need to authorize this integration in order to use it.

Please sign in to your Google account and authorize this integration."

I've tried clearing browsing history, disabling cache, clearing cookies (sorry i dont' know if that's the correct terminology but I've done it all).  Nothing seems to be working.  HELP!google drive authorization

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I had a suspicion that my cookies were blocked. I few days ago I was messing with my settings and I think I accidently enabled an option to block cookies. I advise you to follow these steps, please take into account that I am speaking from a chromebook point of view. This is only if you believe cookies are responsible for your struggles.

Press the the 3 Dot Button on your top right corner ---->  Then proceed to press Settings ---->  After once your in the Settings then I would like you to click on Privacy and Secruity ----> From there you will see something called Site Settings ----> Then click on Cookies and Site Data (Your first option) ----> If Block Third Party Cookies is enabled then this is the cause of your problems, simply Disable it and reset your pages

That is what helped me pass the Google Drive Authorization

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-Willy Kemda

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Hi, even I was having the same problem earlier. I am using my school Chromebook. What I did was I pressed on alt-f then I pressed on settings. Once I did that there is a sidebar on the left side and click on Safety check. Then click on Clear Browsing Data. Once you do that something should pop up. Make sure you put the time range as All times. Underneath that Make sure it only clears the cached images and files, and also Cookies and other site data. Though do not clear your browsing history. Finally, press clear data and it should work! I really hope this works/helps!

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I am having this same problem here in 2020.  It says its possibly solved but there is no definitive resolution posted by Canvas.  I have tried all the suggestions here - Block Third Party Cookies, Reset Chrome, Cleared Cache, cookies, etc, removed add-ons, Deleted and recreated the student account.  Please post how-to steps that will fix this on a Chromebook when you have both an owner account and student account.  On Chromebook you cannot sign out of the owner account which is the typical way this is solved.  We're stuck in an endless Authorize loop with Drive on Chromebook.

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In relation to the post above I thought I may have better luck on the Windows PC getting Drive to Authorize with the Canvas account.  I'm able to sign-out of the my personal Google account and then Sign-in to the Student account in Chrome.   I block third party cookies, clear browser history, cache, sites, etc.  But I get the same error - Authorization for Drive fails (after a quick Success pop-up).   Endless loop.  Could this be a problem with the schools setup?  They are  

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The Google Chrome settings have changed since this problem was found and a solution proposed. The solution based on the Google Chrome Browser settings (Aug 2020) is to choose "Allow all cookies" in the Settings.  This is not a best practice and the web browser vendors will eventually prohibit third party cookies, but it will work in the short term (until Canvas has a fix that does not open users up to privacy risks).

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After much trial and error, I found that the "Authorization Failed" message applied only to Google assignments that I had COPIED from another course. To avoid the message I had to create a new assignment in each course, paste the directions from the original assignment into each new assignment, and then manually select the "External Tool" option (Google Assignments LTI worked for me) for the first time in each new assignment. This makes copying Google assignments quite tedious but it can be done.