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Google Forms

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Como faço para incluir um Formulário do Google Forms?

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Thank you very much!

I will try to put.

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My apologies for writing in English, but I hope these instructions will make sense,  @professorparoli ‌!

There are TWO ways that I know for embedding a Google Form.

EMBED. Here is an example of a Google Form embedded in a Canvas Page:

Feedback: Laura PAINTs Canvas 

You can get the embedding code directly from Google; just click on Send, then choose the <> embed option. It looks like this. 

form embed

You can paste in that "iframe" in the HTML view of any Canvas page, and also add other text, etc. if you want to give students additional information about the form. For example, here's the HTML view of the page I linked above:

html screenshot

REDIRECT TOOL. You can also just use the redirect tool to make the Google Form appear as a page in your course. To get the address to use, choose the link option:

link option

Then, put that link in the Redirect Tool box in Canvas:

redirect tool with google form

The Google Form will then be available as a page in your course navigation.

I hope that helps, and my apologies again for replying in English. 🙂

Thank you very much!

I will try to put.