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Is there a way to embed a Google Form into a Canvas Assignment that way I can view my students' responses from SpeedGrader?

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Hi Loran,

As a Google Form, I don't know.  But I suggest you take a look at the link below regarding Google Cloud Assignments and see if it might accomplish what you are attempting to do.  The short explanation is that you can create a template type document in Google docs and then when set up as a cloud assignment, for each student it makes a copy of that document into their own google drive account.  They work on it and then can submit their own individual copy which you view through SpeedGrader.  So depending on now you use Forms, perhaps you could re-create it as a document for students to fill out the information and submit.  The guide below shows up to set up the Assignment but I can't seem to find a good description of how it looks for students.  Essentially they can submit it just like they normally can submit a file from Google Drive, but it also lets them edit the document right on the Canvas Assignment page (it's embedded automagically) and there is a Submit button right there to submit it when ready. 


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