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Google LTI 1.3 not backward-compatible?

I'm the Canvas admin for our school district. This week I added the new Google Assignments LTI 1.3, and removed the previous Google Apps LTI. Then I noticed that Docs and Slides embedded in the Rich Content Editor with the old Google LTI were no longer displaying. So I re-added the old Google LTI, and we're running both simultaneously for now.

I really do not want to have both of these available when teachers and students return in the fall and start classes, due to the duplication and confusion. Is there any backward compatibility in the version 1.3 to support documents embedded with the previous LTI? Or none at all, since it's essentially a new product? Do I have any options other than (1) present students and teachers with two LTIs or (2) require every teacher to replace every embedded document in their courses?

Thanks for your suggestions.

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I am one of the admins for my district as well, and we have come across this same problem. We didn't turn the old back on; but need to know more information on the backward compatibility for training purposes.

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We are going to wait to turn on 1.3 till after Summer school and before Fall, give teachers notice they will need to re-link or embed all their Google content. @kevin_fairchild, your experience is valuable to show every google doc/slide show etc. will need to be updated, sure appears there is no backwards compatibility.

Perhaps enabling both LTIs so teachers can see the content for relinking would be best- didn't know you could have them both turned on.  That will require some training; find, re-embed, then remove the old embed/link.