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Google Play Store "Canvas Teacher" app

I have installed the Canvas Teacher app on my Kindle Fire. I like to use it primarily to grade student submissions to the Canvas page. In a web browser on my Kindle Fire, I can do this well enough. I use my fingers to widen the view of the file to (almost) the entire 10" display on the Kindle Fire tablet. But when I view the same file not via a web browser, but through the Canvas Teacher app, the student submission is rather small, and does not get expanded however much I try to widen it with my fingers.


Is this simply not a function of the teacher app? Or is there a way to view student work, that I haven't figured out yet?  The browser (Edge browser) seems rather slow, and viewing many documents like this reminds me of how slow browsing was back in the days of Windows 98. If I can get a dedicated app to do this for me I would love to try it out. 

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Community Team

Hi -

While I am unfamiliar with Kindle Fire tablets, I know that the Canva Teacher app supports "pinch to zoom" on both my iPad and Pixel devices. I wonder (and hope!) that a Community member can share their experience with Kindle Fire devices with you!

When viewing Canvas, here's the list of supported browsers: What are the browser and computer requirements for Canvas? 

Well I can view student work from a browser, but I was thinking that the native app might be more useful, as well as not load down my browser and make it slow. 


Anyways, thanks for telling me about the pinch part. I was able to get the student work section to expand so the font was larger--but unfortunately, the page was split and I could not find a way to devote more of my page to the student work. If this is confusing, please look at the screenshot. If I can't upload properly, I'll insert an imgur link. OK looks like it uploaded ok. The problem I have is that the left half, which displays student work, cannot be moved to cover more of the screen. So even though I can "enlarge" the document that the student wrote, it is still very cumbersome to use.



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You may have downloaded an incomplete version of the Canvas Teacher app. In the full version with paid content, you can zoom in on the host by any means, with a stylus, with the volume buttons of your phone or tablet, and with your fingers. Find additional material for this application in the Play Market. If it turns out to be paid, you can always buy it on google play codes. Codes are ways to get bonuses from the Play Market. You execute the codes and get bonuses to pay for the gift card. I've done this many times when I didn't have the funds to pay for a paid subscription or any other app with paid content.