Google Slides Editing after Posted to Google LTI 1.3

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Hello Everyone! 

I am hopeful someone can help me out. I have a digital interactive notebook that I want to put into Canvas for my students. What I am wondering is, when I put it into Google LTI 1.3 as an assignment and it creates a copy for each student, will their copies and the copy in the assignment update if I make changes to the slides? If not, I have a couple of workarounds I am playing with at the moment. 

Thank you for any information you can share!

Jen Schams

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Hi @schjen,

I don't believe the copies will update.  Generally in Google Apps (Docs, Slides, Sheets, etc), the "copy" process is a one-time thing and you get a copy of the original thing at that moment in time.  Changes to the original after that point are not reflected in any copies that are already created.

Hope this helps!


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Hi @schjen ,

As @chriscas mentioned, student copies will not update once sent out. If you embed a Google file in the Rich Content Editor, it WILL reflect changes you make to the original. But copies sent out to students become distinct, separate documents.

There is an app (not free) that has the ability to do what you are asking. It's called Kami, and it integrates really nicely with Canvas.

How to use Kami's Push Changes feature in Canvas

Kami also has templates for interactive notebooks and many other features. It might be worth checking out if you do a lot of interactive assignments.

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