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Google Slides Hyperlinks don't work in Canvas

I am creating activities for online learning using google slides. I used hyperlinks attached to images on my slides for students to move from one slide to another and back again.  It all seems to work right in google slides but when I put it in Canvas, none of the hyperlinks work. Can anyone help?

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Good evening, Carla! I'm sorry you're having difficulties, I will do my best to help. Before I can do that, however, I have two clarifying questions:

1) For the Google Slides themselves, are you embedding the published version of the slide deck into a Canvas Page/Assignment/etc.?

2) What device are you/the students accessing Canvas on, and on that device are you using a browser (i.e. Google Chrome) or the Canvas App?

With these answers I should be better able to support you. Thanks, Carla, have a great week!

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I'm not Carla but having the exact same issue.

(1) I have embedded the published version of the Google Slide into a Canvas Page and made it the Front Page.

(2) We are having the students access the course through the Canvas Student app, I have allowed the app to open external tools in Safari. I have allowed pop-ups on Safari as well as unblocked cookies. I almost forgot to publish the links... but I did that too.  The links will not open on the app.

(2 - B) - however, the links will open if I open Canvas on the Chrome browser on an iPad... however when the link opens it tells me my Access is Denied. ??? Checking my iPad restrictions.

Would be AMAZING if you could help me figure this out! 

Tina in Nebraska