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Grade Book / Speedgrader Navigation

When I open Speed Grader to grade an assignment, I can click the student field in the top right corner to access a drop down menu of all students. The ungraded students have an orange dot next to their names and the graded students have a green check mark. This is great!

What is not great is the redundancy of the left/right toggle in that same student name menu.

330776_Screen Shot 2019-11-13 at 8.17.18 AM.png

The toggle performs the same function but much more inefficiently. What would be great is if that toggle moved to the next assignment in the gradebook instead. As it stands now I have to exit speed grader after grading an assignment and reload the entire gradebook. Then I have to scroll through the gradebook to the next assignment. A significant portion of my time is spent watching the gradebook load. 

330781_Screen Shot 2019-11-13 at 8.52.27 AM.png

Also, the Teacher's To Do list of items to be graded should be in the gradebook as well as the homepage. As of now you have to exit the gradebook to access the To Do list each time you select an ungraded assignment. It would be better if the To Do list was available in the gradebook so we can quickly access each ungraded item on the list. Better yet, make it a feature of the Speed grader to use the To Do list to navigate assignments.

If there is a better way to use the To Do list or Speed grader for navigating between assignments efficiently, then I would love to hear it. 

330777_Screen Shot 2019-11-13 at 8.16.41 AM.png

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