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I have most of my Canvas notifications set to "off" (I spend more time in Canvas than my own home). There are only like 2 items that are set to daily summary [administrative notifications & content link error] and 2 items set to weekly summary [invitation & announcement]. None are set to immediate notification.

I just posted grades (new gradebook, manual grade posting policy) to the whole class for a column and got an immediate (email) notification stating, "Grade changes and comments have been released for everyone." When I click on update my notifications link on that email, I don't see where I can change settings so I don't get an immediate notification for this. 

What am I missing? 🙂 Thanks,

Sky V.

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Thanks for posting this... I am also curious about where this comes from. We have an instructor who has almost everything set to either daily or weekly but got immediately notified when he posted grades within a course. I then did some testing and turned off all of my notifications and then posted some hidden grades in a test course. I immediately got the same notification in my email listed above. Is this currently an "immediately notify" for everyone?

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 @valentinesking ‌, it's my understanding that the notification preference that the instructor has set for Grading Policies also governs how and when the 'Grade changes and comments" notifications are sent. As you've described, that does not seem to be working as expected. Would you please submit a support ticket for this?

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