Grade Post Policy Anomalies (redux)

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Has anyone run into any anomalies with the MANUAL grade post policy. I have a situation in which the manual policy is set at the course level, but it is applied erratically to the actual assignments. The user swears she did NOT change these individually, and I have the sense that she would not do that. (She says: "What is the point of doing that if it does not hide all the assignment grades up front and we have to go into each assignment to do this process for each individually").   I thought maybe it was because the assignments in question used Turnitin?  Or Peer Grading? But that does not seem to hold true. Has anyone seen any weird behaviors like this??

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 @nancy_lachance  might the assignments which mysteriously have an automatic post policy have been copied or imported from a different course, still on Old Gradebook at the time of the import, and where the original assignment was unmuted?  We see that sometimes in our courses when the order of events is (1) first applying a course-level manual post policy, and then (2) importing assignments from another course. 

Quoting my excellent colleague  @lindalee ‌'s explanation:

Content imports with unmuted assignments will override the manual post policy settings. The gradebook will still have a manual post policy setting, but the individual assignments that had been unmuted will have an "automatic" grade posting policy set.

The root cause is API differences between assignments in Old and New Gradebooks. Another of my terrific colleagues,  @RebeccaMoulder ‌, found a workaround last fall to fix up assignments after import:

To fix this (in the newer course after imports), in the course post policy change it to "Automatic" and click "Update," then change the post policies back to "Manual" and click "Update" again. That will push out the updated settings to the copied assignments.

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