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Grade passback not fully working in Cross-listed class

I have cross-listed 3 of my courses. In this cross-listed course I have created an assignment.  Students completed the assignment, its graded, and now I am having trouble with grade passback.  My school system is using PowerTeacher Pro.  I did sync to PTP, and only one course can see their grades. I did find, talking with other teachers, assignments need different names for the Sync to happen correctly.  Do you think this is why only part of my cross-listed course grades actually passed back/ synced?

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hello  @robinsona ...

I am sorry to see that your question has been sitting out here in the Canvas Community without a response since you first posted this question on September 26th.  While I do not necessarily have an answer for you, I thought I would check in to see if you've been able to come up with any resolutions to this on your own since you first posted this question.  If so, would you be willing to share back here in this thread?  Or, if you are still looking for some help with this, please let us know by posting a message below so that members of the Community might be able to assist you.  For now, I am going to mark your question as "Assumed Answered"...not because we've found an answer for you, but because we haven't heard back from you and there hasn't been any activity in this topic for over two months.  This won't prevent you or others from posting additional questions/comments below, however.  I hope that's alright with you, Angie.  Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

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We don't use grade pass-back, but this situation might be similar to an issue we're experiencing with a student advising solution provider that we've engaged. They tell us that their solution can't handle Canvas's cross-listed sections. Apparently, they're relying on sis_course_id from the Sections API. For a cross-listed course, this field returns the SIS ID for the course cross-listed into, but we need the original course's SIS ID.

I found what I believe is a simple solution that the provider needs to account for on their end. For cross listed courses, the Sections API returns a value for nonxlist_course_id. This is the Canvas (not SIS) course ID of the original course. This value can then be plugged into the Courses API to find the desired original sis_course_id. Implementing this fix will take a bit of back-end reprogramming on the provider's side. Given that numerous Canvas schools use cross-listing, this will likely provide added value to multiple customers. It will be difficult/impossible for the vendor to say no to such a proposition.

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I have the same issue trying to sync to Synergy SIS. I exported assignments from Canvas but then would have to edit the .cvs file to eliminate dozens of unpublished assignments... it became unwieldy. The prospect importing a bunch of garbage into my Synergy grade books scared me off.

Hoping for a work around?

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Thanks for this thread.  I am having the same problem as robinsona discussed in the original post.  This is an issue now, and will continue to be an issue in the future as I will have cross-listed courses moving forward.  Is Canvas working to resolve this problem?