Gradebook (Classic) number/numeral format: Remove comma from numerals > 999?

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Greetings.  In Classic Gradebook, is it possible to display numerals greater than 999 without commas?  I am looking to make numbers appear as 1234, but when I enter this the gradebook displays it as 1,234.  I did scour the Guides in search of an answer/solution but didn't come across one.  Thank you in advance.

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I doubt you'll be able to change the format of how a number is displayed, but what if it wasn't a number?  I created the example below with an Assignment worth 1234 points.  I set the Display Grade as to Letter Grade, and then set a scale so that 100% = 1234.  Then I entered a grade for the student of 1234.  As you can see it works to effectively remove the comma but whether it will work for your case depends on the specifics of the assignment and if/how you want it counting as a value towards the overall grade.


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