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Gradebook Displaying Fs for Future Assignments

I'm using the New Gradebook in my summer class that just started today (May 14, 2018).  For some reason, it's displaying an F for all future assignments:


I've reported this on a ticket, but was wondering if there might be a simple setting that I'm missing.

Thanks for any help anyone can offer.

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So, according to my IT department, "This appears to be because of the grading rules for missing and late assignments."  I set the missing and late assignment penalties as I was setting up the course conditions, but before I added assignments and due dates (although there were due dates from the content imported from another course).  Is it really possible that the New Gradebook doesn't update the due date penalties as assignments are made and dates changed?  I didn't see any information anywhere saying that all assignments should be completed before setting the penalties.  

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Eeeeegad, I live in fear of when I am going to be forced to work with the (IMO awful) late/missing assignments regime.

The reason I cannot switch to the New Gradebook is exactly because the late/missing assignment regime is completely wrong for my classes.

And that is when it is working properly!

I hope someone will be able to help you find a solution to this problem.

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The late/missing policy is optional. This is the first time I’m using it. I thought it would work better than my old method of including a late penalty on the grading rubrics. Wrong. I’m hopeful that the Canvas Engineers will fix this problem or, at the least, include a warning on the setting dialogue to turn the policy on only after all assignments have been entered into Canvas. 

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Hi frankel - You may want to file that case again, but in this instance as a bug or something not working as expected. According to Late Policies: Instructor FAQ , you did the right thing with setting up the policy before the assignments.  That document says nothing about a course import, however...or the timing of it.  I haven't used the new gradebook enough to comment on it authoritatively--I've only played around with it--but before many of us choose to turn it on for everyone, that's the sort of thing that needs to be tested more.  (By the way, you should consider joining the New Gradebook Users Group if you haven't already.  In fact, I think I will share this discussion with that group to see if anyone else out there has experience similar behavior.)

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Thanks,  @kblack ‌. I’ll go ahead and join. 

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It sounds like you did the right thing by contacting your local support. I can't tell from your message what the ultimate outcome of the ticket was though. Did they forward this on to Canvas Support or did they close it out? I would be happy to look into this a bit more but it would be helpful if there was already a case with a ticket number I could reference on our end. Either way, keep me posted on what you find out from your end and I'll do the same from mine. 

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I've been investigating this a bit and trying to make sure I understand exactly what happened. Let me try to describe what I understand and you can correct me if I am wrong.

You had a 15 week spring course with assignments, due dates, and Late and Missing policies (the distinction between these two may become important later). You were preparing your shorter summer course, configured the Late and Missing policies for that course, then imported assignments from your spring course without adjusting the due dates. (This fact may become important later). You then manually adjusted the dates for each of the assignments. You discovered that these assignments had grades of F and changes to the dates did not impact that.

What I believe happened is that you "created" (actually imported, but it wouldn't have mattered) assignments that were due in the past and your Missing policy was applied and these assignments were graded accordingly. This would have all happened as soon as you imported them. My understanding is that using the adjust due dates would have avoided this. Once the grades were given, the system will not un-grade these assignments. This did arise in the past and led to modifications of our guide, How do I apply a Missing Submission policy in the New Gradebook? 

However, fear not, I have a few workarounds for you.

1. If the number of assignments is not too large, you can use the How do I set a default grade for an assignment?‌ to return them all to their default date grade by entering "-" (a minus sign) for the grade.

2. If the number of assignments is too large for #1, try this

2a. Create or obtain a sandbox course that is in the same term as your current summer course. Do not add any students.

2b. Import your assignments from your current summer course into this new summer sandbox course. This will keep the dates you have already set but eliminate the grades.

2c. Delete all the graded ("F") assignments in your current summer course.

2d. Import all the assignments back into your current summer course from your new summer sandbox course. They will be dated within your Missing policy and will not be auto-graded as "F"

Please let me know if I missed anything or you have any additional questions. I really hope this helps!

Community Champion


As an admin who has not yet turned this on for all courses as my institution, I want to get some clarity on a point:

 you "created" (actually imported, but it wouldn't have mattered) assignments that were due in the past and your Missing policy was applied and these assignments were graded accordingly. This would have all happened as soon as you imported them.

Is the expected behavior that if someone sets their polices and then imports courses from a previous semester without adjusting the assignment dates during the import, all of their assignments will be "graded" when the import completes? 

If so, are all 3 of these recommended processes viable?

-- set late & missing policies and then import from a master course with no due dates

-- set late & missing policies and them import from a previous course but be sure to adjust dates forward

-- import from a previous course, with or without adjusting dates, and THEN set late & missing policies

I'm not yet familiar enough with the new gradebook to judge if that last option is viable at all.

Community Champion

I like the idea of the late policies, but it only worked for me because there were only about 8 items that students actually submitted with a due date. For those it worked really well. I deducted 5% per day late for those assignments and what I like about it is that it is fair across the board. If you were late submitting your project, I didn't have to determine HOW late something was, I just graded and the policy took care of the rest. There was only one time that I had to allow a student extra time to submit something and I was able to go in and turn off the policy for that one student assignment. 

One thing that did mess me up was having this box checked:


That really messed things up in my grade book! I turned that off.

Overall, I like the new grade book, but it is not without its quirks and risks. I have been using for the last two semesters and I am encouraging others to try it over the summer to help find and report (and hopefully get fixed) these things!