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Gradebook Grade History only appears to track one entry per day

Description of the Bug:

  • When testing out the new Grade History feature in the new Gradebook, I realized that it only appears to track one change entry per day (although it does appear to properly track grade changes that are from different days).  This seems less than helpful and arbitrary, not only because it makes the tool less useful, but also because this is unexpected and would fool the user who would be relying on it.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Activate the new gradebook in a Canvas course
  2. Make sure you have "students" and assignments for this course
  3. Change a grade for a student
  4. Without waiting until the following day, change that same grade again for that same student


The grade history log would reflect both grade changes as separate entries, clearly indicating the before and after grades.


The grade history log only reflects the most recent grade change, and the earlier grade changes appear to be lost.  It appears that the only way to log multiple grade changes is to change them on different days (which is definitely not a great workflow.


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Community Champion

Thanks for noting this one Doug.  I just wanted to chime in to say that I agree with the expected behavior statement. 

Community Champion

I saw this in the new beta release notes. 

From the screenshot it looks like it will now capture multiple entries on the same day. I am assuming that this gradebook history update will apply to the new gradebook as well.

Community Team
Community Team

Hi, Doug,

As Todd indicated, our previous release introduced new Gradebook History functionality. I haven't been able to not have multiple grade changes display in the page, so you should be good to go!



Community Participant

Great, that solves that problem, thank you!