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Gradebook and grading feedback

  • The mute button in Speedgrader needs to be moved; it is too close to the Gradebook button so it is easy to release marks before we are ready.
  • Separate muting/unmuting for assignments in Sections.
  • Would be great if Canvas can change the rule for text box annotations; only click once rather than twice to open up a new box. I think if you move the cursor elsewhere and click, then it’s obvious you would like to start a new comment there.
  • Would be good to have the ability to bold and underline in Speedgrader to emphasise specific feedback to the students.
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Community Team
Community Team

 @lauren_sayer ‌

I know it's sometimes difficult to see the two as different features, but Gradebook and SpeedGrader are two different features that work together.  The scope of the New Gradebook does not include any changes to SpeedGrader.  Please take a few minutes to see if your ideas already exist in the

If not, then create a new feature idea

Lauren.  I did find" modifiedtitle="true" title="Mute by Sect..., which I think relates to one of your ideas above.