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Gradebook isn't updating when student retry the SCORM package

We have a few courses which are experiencing the same issue:
We use SCORM packages in these courses, published with SCORM 1.2. Each SCORM package contains a quiz and will report a score to the Gradebook. We set the course up to allow students to attempt these SCORM packages unlimited time.
I found yesterday that if a student get a low score on a SCORM package for their first attempt. The grade book will keep the score from the first attempt, even if they try to attempt the SCORM package again and received a higher score. They will see that they got a higher score on the SCORM side, but the Gradebook will not update.
Has anyone else had this problem?
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What application you used to create these quizzes? Articulate Storyline?

I know it occurs before, supposed to be a server refresh issue, but I don't know if Canvas and Articulate have solved the problem.