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Gradebook sync issue

I have a course with crosslisted sections.  The grades are not syncing to Skyward.  It says they section ID is needed.  We did this last year and it worked magnificently.  The sections show an SIS ID.  Any tips or hints?  I have even tried to just sync one section at a time.  Thanks is advance!

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My issue is similar.

Assignments that have been graded are syncing - but not the grade - just the assignment information (name, point value, due date).  Assignments with upcoming due dates are not syncing.

Here is what shows up when I try and sync.


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So I posted in here but I also submitted a ticket with Canvas.  Problem solved within about a week.  I've noticed a lot of changes with the gradebook.

I am having the same issue. Any suggestions to fix on my end. I have a tech ticket to fix, but I would for my students to see their grades.