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How do I clear a student's submission for an assignment so that they can resubmit the attempt?

Thank you.

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Community Coach

Hello  @karen_s_thorpe  Welcome to the Canvas Community.  This past April, I helped answer a very similar question.  So, I would like to point you to: DELETING STUDENT SUBMISSIONS.  Your student(s) should be able to re-submit an assignment to you without issue.  (See the section called "View Submission" in How do I submit an online assignment?.)  From their perspective, they always see the latest submission.  But, you as an instructor have access to all submissions of the particular assignment...which are all time/date stamped.  (See the section called "Evaluate Multiple Submissions" in How do I view the details of a submission for a student in SpeedGrader?.)

I hope this information will be of help to you, Karen.  Please let Community members know if you have any questions about this.  Thanks!

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