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Gradepassback Error Codes

Our district has the GPB with Infinite Campus running and it's going well with the exception of not knowing what the error codes that teachers get on certain assignments. For example, the teacher gets this message after syncing: ASSIGNMENT_SCORES_EXPORT - 7eeff610-43d5-44d0-bbed-6be6c6e9ab2e - text. I have no idea what assignment this goes to and the only clue I have is the word "text." Is there anyone who has an error code help sheet that would allow common codes to be deciphered? 

I know grades need to be assigned to everyone and that multiple due dates aren't allowed and no title longer than 50 characters and no duplicate names on assignments, but having a common error code sheet would certainly help teachers correct the sync errors faster.

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I need some guidance on this as well.  We're getting this same error on occasion when doing GPB to ProgressBook.  Without any meaningful error text it's tough to troubleshoot the issue. 😕

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Bumping this because I am also seeing this in our school....the logs need to be more descriptive and useful.

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This has been a helpful file for us in the past: 

According to this file, the "text" error message might mean that an assignment has no due date.
But I have noticed that some of these error codes are out of date now.  In my experience, the "text" error often comes paired with other errors.

Here is some information that I have put together for our teachers: 

Feel free to use that resource if it is helpful.  I will keep adding to this document as I see new issues and learn to fix them.