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Grades not visible to students

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My Grades page just started delaying grades being posted.  I now have the "eye with a line through it" icon meaning students can not see their grades to the last two assignments for the semester.  I did not change any settings.  Not sure why this is happening.  

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Thanks erinhallmark‌ . 

Item 1: We have filed a ticket (Case # 04484025) with Instructure and with Turnitin.   This has been verified as occuring in both the old and new gradebook courses.  It was NOT occurring prior to the release. 

Item 2: Thank you. It is great to have visibility into the work in progress Smiley Happy

You are appreciated.

Hi, Nancy,

The fixes thus far have been specific to quizzes, both old and new. In case you're interested, you can view all individual updates to production in github at any time. 

As to your other questions...

(1) Assignments were randomly hidden OR set to manual grading after the update - even if they were not marked as muted prior to the rollout.  The fix means no random "hiding" - but changes made at the update will need to be manually fixed.

Correct; the initial change was looking for grades previously muted. As for other assignments, we didn't make any intentional changes and recognize it may take a little bit of work to post grades if their visibility was inadvertently affected.

(2) When a red-eye assignment is set to Post, the red-eye (sometimes) becomes a black eye, so you then need to change the assignment's grade policy.

(3) The black eye can ONLY be removed by changing the Grade Policy for the assignment to Automatic - there will be no "Post grades" option for Grade Policy settings.

The only way to remove the icon is to change the policy. If an assignment includes the visibility icon, it means it has the manual post policy. If it's a solid color, it means there are grades that still need to be posted. Keeping the icon in the heading is intentional.

(4) Turnitin assignments set to show results immediately are no longer displaying results in the Submissions Detail area (for students).

See my reply in your latter question about this.

(5) It appears that all assignments that have not been graded (in both old and new gradebooks) now have a "Grades are unavailable because the instructor is working on them" in the Submission Details page - regardless of the status of the assignment.   Instructors who used to use this page for grading are no longer able to do so because this message has replaced the old Score entry box. (I agree instructors should not have been using this box for grading, but you would be surprised.)

This behavior is being resolved by our engineers and should be corrected shortly.


Here is a screenshot of what all of our students are seeing when they wish to view Turnitin reports:

Screenshot of TII Issue

There is no clock (indicating the TII report is processing) or similarity report. There is nothing displayed. This is occurring in BOTH old and new gradebook courses.

Here is how it looked before the update:


Thanks! #1 is being worked on now. #2 has been resolved.



#2 has now been verified as fixed. Cheers from my team Smiley Happy. Thank you!

I am assuming this is on the list of issues, but it was new to me as of just this minute. All though as admins and professors we can see assignment scores just fine and nothing looks wrong students see their grade totals as 0. Their total score isn’t syncing and shows an F so of course they are panicking and opening tickets all day. 

Here are screenshots.  INstructor sees this:


Student (this is the same student the instructor was viewing) sees this:


You can imagine the number of tickets this is generating Smiley Sad.  This course has the old gradebook. The assignment is NOT muted.  The student CAN see the grade and everything else - they are just not adding up for a total.  (Ticket has been submitted.)

Hi, Nancy,

That's not currently on our list of fixes, but I verified in your ticket that our support agents have escalated it and will let our engineers know.

Thank you!


After a great deal of testing, we have noted that the problem occurs when a rubric is associated with an assignment and the faculty member does NOT use the rubric. The grade is manually entered without feedback in the rubric. Those items are NOT being calculated in the total grade calculation.  This is occurring in the OLD gradebook.

Just an update on this issue. The engineers applied a hotfix which resolved the issue. However, it did not fix those items that had the issue before the hotfix was applied. To resolve this issue, just go to the gradebook and toggle the grades to Mute and then Unmute them. This will release the grades to all students.