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Grades not visible to students

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My Grades page just started delaying grades being posted.  I now have the "eye with a line through it" icon meaning students can not see their grades to the last two assignments for the semester.  I did not change any settings.  Not sure why this is happening.  

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Hi, Sarah,

This is a new feature, and we're glad that most of our features don't have the complications our engineering team has discovered today. Smiley Sad I don't believe new features qualify for the status page, but then again I don't recall a situation quite like this before! The fixes are going out as our team can correct them. I know the team has resolved a few of the major concerns today relating to quizzes and they're wrapping up a few additional changes tomorrow. Thanks for bearing with us through this!


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Hi Erin,

Thanks for your response. I understand this is a new and frustrating situation for everyone, and I appreciate your candor and attentiveness to all of these conversations/comments!

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We've discovered what I think is a related issue. I have a student who took a quiz with multiple attempts and even though the grade is now showing in the gradebook (after we manually posted the grade) he can't see his individual attempts. Basically, he did worse on his second attempt, so the gradebook is showing the higher score from his first. But he has no idea how he did on the second, because when he goes to the actual quiz is still says "this assignment is muted".

Community Team
Community Team

Hi, Steven (and all others),

All fixes have been deployed by our engineers in the production environment.

If a specific behavior is still occurring, we would love to hear about it via Canvas support. A lot of scenarios we're seeing are specific but we aren't getting enough details to adequately track them down.



Okay here's the latest update:

Fixes are not retroactive. If a gradebook previously included assignments that were previously muted and graded (prior to today) and then post policies were set to auto/on on Saturday. The grades would still remain unposted until they actively MANUALLY post them. It’s only NEW grades after the post policy is set that it would be auto-posted, not prior ones.

Basically, grading follows whatever the policy is at the time of grading; changing policy does not re-grade.

This specific issue seems to have been fixed by the recent update. 

This may be asking a lot, so let me know, but can we get a list of what was actually fixed?  If the issue requires additional documentation, please let us know as I am still seeing some of these issues.

(1) Assignments were randomly hidden OR set to manual grading after the update - even if they were not marked as muted prior to the rollout.  The fix means no random "hiding" - but changes made at the update will need to be manually fixed.

(2) When a red-eye assignment is set to Post, the red-eye (sometimes) becomes a black eye, so you then need to change the assignment's grade policy.

(3) The black eye can ONLY be removed by changing the Grade Policy for the assignment to Automatic - there will be no "Post grades" option for Grade Policy settings.

(4) Turnitin assignments set to show results immediately are no longer displaying results in the Submissions Detail area (for students).

(5) It appears that all assignments that have not been graded (in both old and new gradebooks) now have a "Grades are unavailable because the instructor is working on them" in the Submission Details page - regardless of the status of the assignment.   Instructors who used to use this page for grading are no longer able to do so because this message has replaced the old Score entry box. (I agree instructors should not have been using this box for grading, but you would be surprised.)

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Hi Nancy,

Thanks for chiming in. I agree that a list of what is and isn't debugged would be very useful. My experience also matches up with what you've described, especially with regard to #1--many assignments are showing as hidden that were never muted in the first place.



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We are also seeing some of these issues in both the Old and New Gradebooks. We are creating tickets, but for those looking for help in the Community, here is what we have seen:

(1) Turnitin is no longer working in either the OLD or NEW Gradebook courses. Students are unable to see their Turnitin results.

(2) At least some Practice quizzes in the OLD Gradebook that were set to display scores immediately are marked as Muted and students cannot see their scores. There does not appear to be any way to unmute these quizzes.

Hi, Nancy,

1. I just check on this and we aren't able to adequately replicate this behavior; any reports we have received ultimately resolve themselves, which make us wonder if it's something on Turintin's side where submissions aren't returning as quickly. However, if you have an assignment that has been taking abnormally long, please send the URL to Canvas support so they can see if they can replicate the behavior and get something helpful to our engineers.

2. That's something our team is working on right now; since practice quizzes aren't associated with a grade they weren't included in the initial fix. If you need a practice quiz visible right away, you can change it to a graded quiz and change it back to a practice quiz later after this bug has been addressed (either today or tomorrow, depending on testing).