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Grades posting and calculating

When a student has uploaded their work in Canvas the points assigned are not posting for every student. Can you help me, please? 


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So, are you saying that some students are getting points and others aren't?

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Hi  @psingleton1  Welcome to the Canvas community!

I must ask the really hard question.................... are you assigning a grade for each student? Grades/scores are only automatically applied to quizzes, and then only for certain question item types.

Have you somehow applied a new Grade Posting Policy? If so, that will hide grades. Learn more at................

Let me know if either of those work for you. If not, we will dig deeper.


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The points are showing up for each student and when they upload the

assignment and I grade it using the rubric it should automatically post in

the grade book.

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Hi again,  @psingleton1 

Two things again....

  1. Your rubric is most likely not set to be used for assignment grading.  Go to the assignment rubric, click the little pencil icon (edit) on right, then click the checkbox to "Use this rubrics for assignment grading".
  2. Or, it is a grade posting policy as mentioned in my first posting.