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Grading Compositions for Remedial Students

I am the lead teacher for Intermediate English, and I must confess that I am completely thrown off by the loss of Crocodoc.  I had developed a marking style that was perfect for my feedback purposes, and I have had to revert to old-school track changes method in Word because I simply do not see an effective way to provide feedback in the new document viewer.  In short, SpeedGrader is less than speedy for me.

I have a plethora of concerns, but my primary concern is that annotations do not show up when I select "Download annotated PDF."  I have even called technical support about this problem, and the person to whom I spoke was perplexed by the inability to see annotations, too.  I require students to use my printed feedback for revisions.  That is why I had to return to giving feedback within the Word document.

1.  I apologize if this concern has been addressed elsewhere.  I am new to this community site, and I could not easily find any information on my specific issues.  2.  I welcome feedback on anything that I have said.  If anyone is truly comfortable with the new system, I welcome tips.  Right now, I am not seeing the benefit of a switch

, and I do not have time to figure it all out with mounds of grading in my inbox.

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi  @pcase ...

While this might not address everything you've written, I wanted to point you to a couple resources here in the Community specifically related to DocViewer:

DocViewer Plan (this details the question of "why the change?" along with showing you a bit of a road map) (this shows you the features of DocViewer)

Both of these documents are still open for comments, so you could submit a comment to those if you wanted.

Out of curiosity, when you are navigating Canvas, what browser are you using?  If you are using Internet Explorer or Edge, have you tried using Chrome or Firefox to see if the annotations are working for you?  Generally speaking, you'll have a better browsing experience inside of Chrome or Firefox compared to IE or Edge.

I hope this information is helpful to you, Paige!

Community Participant

Thank you for the reply. Yes, I do use Chrome primarily and sometimes

Firefox. I never use IE or Edge.

When I have time, I will read through those sources you have sent. I

appreciate that. However, as long as text boxes cover the students' papers

and cannot be easily placed right by the actual issue, and as long as I

cannot print feedback, DocViewer will not serve my purposes. I am not

trying to be stubborn, but in my remedial classes, I have created a culture

of valuing and viewing feedback and also of revising and proofreading via

printed copies of papers, not just interacting online. The success I see

is in part tied to "old school" handling of papers.

You took the time to respond, and I am grateful. I will take a break

between sets of papers to see if perhaps I can develop a new style of

marking that using this new system requires. I cannot help that I have

doubts, given that other teachers have compiled such long lists of

unattractive features.

Paige Case

English Instructor

East Central Community College

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Update to my previous post:  I did take a quick look at the DocViewer Plan before getting started this morning, and I see that providing the option of a transparent background is next on the list.  The ability to place comments without covering students' work is a priority to me, so I am glad to see that issue being addressed.  If Canvas will add that update plus the option to print a document that shows text annotations, I will be a happy camper.