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Grading Goggle Assignments on Canvas app

Is anyone able to grade a google assignment created using the Google Assignments LTI and then grade the student’s work on the Canvas app on your iPad?

My iPad is new and up to date. When I go into grade the work, there is a bar that says “launch external tool.”  When I click that bar, the bar moves like it knows I’m pressing it but nothing happens.  I even downloaded the Google Drive and Google Slides (that’s what the assignment was) apps onto my iPad in case that is what it needed.

All videos I see online show grading the assignment on a computer only.

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I have the same exact issue,

Same issue here. Attached are screen shots.  you cannot click on external tool-- it is greyed out and you don't see any files or anything attached. Thanks!




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Same exact issue. The Google Apps LTI allows me to grade using an iPad and Apple Pencil. Much easier for grading written work (essays, stories, etc.). Unfortunately that LTI is being deprecated in a year. Without that functionality, my teachers are going to revolt a bit. They are used to (and love) grading on an iPad but the new Assignments LTI looks to be missing the grade on iPad feature.


Please add that functionality rather than remove it.

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I am having the same issue. 079172AE-CF14-44B5-9639-40EFE537F5D7.jpeg

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Yes! Can it be made user friendly to make our jobs easier? I have the new iPad pro and I cant even grade on it. Also, is LTI being done away with or is it the Google Cloud assignment? I've heard both. Either way, it needs to be made so we can grade with an apple pencil on an iPad. It just looks sloppy when I use a mouse to grade on my computer. 

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Is there any news on this from Instructure?  I know Google Drive Cloud Assignments is going away "someday," and it would be good if the Google Assignments feature worked dependably.  From what I can tell, while we can "get into" work assigned via Google Assignments on the Canvas Teacher iPad app, we still cannot grade it with the Apple Pencil.  To be honest,  as a new Canvas school, we are frustrated and have struggled so far finding ways to get the Google Assignments LTI to work reliably for both students and teachers, even on laptops.

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Your question was from so long ago that I hope you did figure out the solution! 

One of my teacher's had the very same question but was actually clicking on the "assignments that need grading" option at the top of the page.

That brings you directly into Speedgrader - so if you're school is using that tool and you have a sync to a grading system (like PowerSchool) that will work

for you.

Otherwise, I'm wondering if you had the newest Canvas app downloaded and your iPad software updated. Because, when the teacher and I scrolled down

and clicked on "launch external tool" it asked to link to the teacher's google account, they entered their school google info, and it opened the assignment the way

it looks on the website platform. 

I hope this helps! 

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