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Grading quizzes without grading each question

I'm wondering if you have to grade each question when grading quizzes or if you can just skip to the overall grade. 

I have a planning sheet for a project we do in class. Each question is worth 5 points. Some kids don't answer the questions--they write "I don't know" for every question or they write one-word answers. Rather than have to go through all 15 questions and give them 0 points I just want to skip to the end and give them a score of '0'  but Canvas makes me go through and enter 0's all the way down. 

FYI -I am using the old quizzes feature because it seems so much more intuitive than the new quizzes. 

P.S. I really wish there was another feature to do this kind of question and answer work. Having to make everything I do a "quiz" really freaks kids out. Every worksheet, planning sheet, videos/questionnaire, etc has to be a quiz and it's really just a psychological thing but surely you can come up with another category like, "worksheet" or something so I can use quizzes for true quizzes. 

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@annespinoza -

There is a way with classic quizzes(which you are using).  I do not remember how I got it set up in my courses, but there is a way to get the question numbers across the top.  Then you can just click on the last question and go to that particular question.  the setting is in the speed grader options - it is a beta feature as seen below:

grade by question.png

 Above it is disabled.  click it and hit save (note I have to do it twice for some reason to enable or disable the feature).  When you finally get it enabled, then the question numbers show across the top.

A Very useful tool for grading classic quizzes is Quiz Wiz.  Quiz wiz is the best thing that ever happened for classic quizzes.  It is a javascript program that was developed by james in the community.  His Canvancements are all great and do things that Canvas should.  
james's canvancement page:   (there are lots of useful scripts).  you have to install tampermonkey and then the script - it is not hard and James has lots of easy to follow instructions.

quiz wiz on canvancements(install from this page - use the forum page for the explanation of the program - the install part is old):

The quiz wiz forum page: