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Granting individual student an extension to an assignment

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I want to be able to grant an extension of 1-2 weeks to an individual student for an assignment (not a quiz).

I don't want to give the whole class an extension and I don't want to have to create a separate assignment for this one student who needs the extension.

How do I do it in Canvas please?

How do other organisations manage giving individuals more time to complete an assignment (not a quiz)?



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Right, I know you're looking for a solution for assignments. The reason I ask about quiz moderation, is because I'm wondering if you had a similar feature for assignments if that would work for your situation.


No, That would be classed as a resubmission (an extra attempt), This is not an extra attempt, it is an extension of the original opportunity, just for one person.

I know this all seems trivial and petty, but Universities have to abide by regulations, some of which are hundreds of years old here in the UK.

Now I know that Digital submission and assessment is new compared to when the University was first founded and assessment was very different. But on paper, it is easy to simply sign a form that states "student X has an approved extension and will be handing in on date XX/XX/XX)

I have yet to try the suggestions as it has been the weekend, but I will certainly try all the helpful things people suggest. However, they do all look like workarounds for a feature that should really be integral to the assessment process.

Thanks again.


Hi Travis,

Yes, there are several workarounds that I can try. It has been the weekend, so I am yet to try them out. I will take a look and feedback here with my thoughts.

They do all look like workarounds for core functionality that I would like to see in the base product though. Lets hope Canvas listen and simply give us a date change option for each individual student on an assignment.



One additional thought... if you can do what you need to do with a "group", you could apply the deadlines separately. The entire class could be one group and have a limited availability date and the "exception" could be a one-person group with a different deadline. I have a situation where I have five unique student projects -- all are going through the same project flow, but at different times and some have more or less steps. I have one-person groups that allow me to make assignments by "group". To simplify things, I made the names of the groups the names of the students.

John et al,

I've added this feature request for groups and differentiated assignments:

Bookmark and vote when it opens!!

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 @joel_mills ​

I have just found this discussion of yours having only recently started using Canvas

I too am in the UK and have the same need as you about extending individual submission deadline

like you I just want to be able to extend the due time for that one student within an existing assignment. I do not want to have to create a separate but similar assignment and assign it to just that student as what the differentiated assignments update seems to only allow ( i am yet to full test this)

have you got a solution that works for you?


Hi vrs07nl​, this question was originally posted back on April 24. Since then, Canvas has implemented new functionality that extends the Differentiated Assignments feature to encompass individual students. As long as your school has already enabled Differentiated Assignments at the account level, you can easily assign a single student a different due date without having to create a duplicate assignment or separate section. Just click on the Edit button for the assignment, scroll to the bottom where the due date information appears, and click on the +Add button. That will allow you to select a single student from the dropdown menu that appears when you click on the "Assign To" box and give that student customized "Available" (from/to) and "Due Dates."

I'll post the link to the Canvas Guide on Differentiated Assignments for reference: What do Differentiated Assignment varied due dates look like in Canvas? I notice that that lesson doesn't show the +Add button, but this one does: What is the difference between due dates and availability dates?

I've also made a screenshot of my own:


If your institution has not enabled Differentiated Assignments, you might take  @kona ​'s advice and extend the "Until" date for the entire assignment.

Hope this helps!

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Thanks Stephanie. I am still trying to work out how to find things in the canvas guide - my search terms do not work...

i have just turned on Differentiated Assignments so will try this all out now * the setting still says beta - is that significant)?

The "beta" designation is not significant; mine still says that as well.

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I'm not certain but I think the "beta" label is just there because at the moment it's an optional feature that needs to be switched on before you can use it when creating assignments. According to the release notes, from July 18th it will be available in all courses as standard: