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Granting individual student an extension to an assignment

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I want to be able to grant an extension of 1-2 weeks to an individual student for an assignment (not a quiz).

I don't want to give the whole class an extension and I don't want to have to create a separate assignment for this one student who needs the extension.

How do I do it in Canvas please?

How do other organisations manage giving individuals more time to complete an assignment (not a quiz)?



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would Canvas consider options for individuals/groups and not just sections?

Accommodations are possible but it would involve having our ITS create "fake" sections and putting a particular student in that section; and hence taking that course off the Banner/SIS sync.

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Community Coach

 @ltscal2 , the option to grant individual students extensions, etc, is already available! It is called differentiated assignments. Here's more information about it - What do Differentiated Assignments look like in Canvas?

Hope this helps!

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oh sorry its not implemented in our install until mid august. A few more weeks!