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Greek or Hebrew letters

How do I add Greek or Hebrew letters into the body of a discussion post?

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I know that you can add Greek letters using the math editor in the rich content editor RCE.  I'm sure you can use Hebrew letters, but I'm not sure how to type them in.  It might be easier to copy and paste them from a word processor.  I pasted my name into the RCE and it worked fine - just like it is below.

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Community Coach

Hi there,  @noland_peebles  Welcome to the Canvas Community.  Thanks for posting your question.  If you are on a Windows 10 machine, you could type in "charmap" (without the quotes) in the search box at the bottom left corner of your screen, and that should bring up a search result for the Character Map.  Once you launch that little program, you could scroll down the list of characters until you come to the Greek or Hebrew characters you needed. You should be able to copy those in to the RCE (Rich Content Editor) when working on discussion topics in Canvas.  Would this work to meet your needs?

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I wouldn't try to type it directly into Canvas. Canvas supports Unicode, which means that if you create or find the text somewhere else then you should be able to copy/paste it directly into Canvas. Canvas even has right to left support for the Hebrew.


I left my Greek and Hebrew in another room, so I just used Google Translate to come up with some for purposes of illustration.

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I don't know if you want/need polytonic Greek, but the fastest tool for me is TypeGreek.

It's Unicode-standard so it copies and pastes into Canvas just fine.

My student built this many years ago for a Biblical Greek class that I taught. And it's still going strong!

screenshot of

What does this say, James?

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I don't remember exactly, but it was very similar to what I was already typing about (Greek) I wouldn't type this directly into Canvas. (Hebrew) Canvas supports Unicode so you can copy/paste it.

It's modern Greek, not ancient: πληκτρολογειτε is about key-writing (i.e. keyboarding, typing). A keyboard is πληκτρολόγιο, key-worder. 

My sample was ancient Greek, the opening words of the Iliad: sing the wrath, O Goddess 🙂


You can always just enter the characters directly into Canvas. The post below is copy/pasted from another discussion:

To repeat what some folks have mentioned above, and to add some useful links: adding characters one or two at a time is already native to the OS and is best handled at that level. LaTex feels like similar functionality but is different from written language because it is markup, not prose.


If you're going to be typing more than a word or two in another language you're better served to switch the keyboard to that language.