Groups Homepage Shows no Activity at all.

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I have set up student groups on my course, as I did last year. Despite a lot of student activity in the Groups the Group Home Page, which is supposed to show Recent Activity, still shows absolutely nothing. This didn't go down well with the students. How can I get the Groups Home Page to actually show there has ben activity within a group? Can I change the Group Home Page to something else as you can in main Canvas?

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Hi  @toby_carter  - Sorry that it's been a few days since you asked this, but that is definitely not normal behavior.  While you cannot change the home page of a group, by default the recent activity IS the home page.  I just tested this out in a sample course site  (I'm not teaching a course this term, but am rather a Canvas administrator) and students (and you!) should definitely be seeing recent activity.

If this problem has not somehow magically rectified itself over the past few days, it may be time to contact Canvas Support (Help>>Report a Problem, which may be sent to your local Canvas support first.)

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