HELP AGAIN!!!!!!! OneRoster assignment GROUPS don't match focus so I can't do passback - can't synch grades

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When I'm in gradebook and I upload grades from CSV file, I get a flag that says in a certain class period, "OneRoster" assignment groups in canvas don't match what is in Focus.  The problem is, I don't know how to permanently DELETE assignment GROUPS from Canvas so they match Focus.  I need to permanently delete about 5 Groups and that little 3 dot thing doesn't do it.

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 @jonesl8 ‌, would you please continue the conversation already in progress at HELP ME PLEASE!! Been at this for 3 days now! Trying to synch grades! where one of our coaches has replied and asked for additional details? We've locked this one to prevent duplicate parallel threads from forming.

Thanks, Leslie! Stay safe, and be well.

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