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Hard coded link to rubrics


A faculty member is trying to hard code a URL link to a rubric. She would like to add it to an assignment (body text). Seems simple enough, but students receive an "access denied" message when they try to click it. My assumption is that the "rubrics" area in canvas is off-limits to students.

Ca anyone confirm?

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hello @rgibson1 ...

I would agree with your assumption that the "Rubrics" course navigation button is off-limits to students.  Although it really doesn't explicitly state in this Guide that Rubrics are only an instructor tool, How do I manage rubrics in a course? - Canvas Community, I would also deduct that there are only Guides for Rubrics for Instructors:

When I look at the Student written Guides, I do not see a category for "Rubrics"...since students usually view rubrics at the bottom of assignments and via their own "Grades" page.

Hope this helps a bit.  Take care...