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Has Canvas trained and hired more chat support agents for the Covid 19 crisis? Canvas slow, not running

It is taking too long to get support agents. I leave the window open while I'm doing something else and turn it off after 15 minutes. There's not even an estimated wait time provided.

Edit, 3/30: And now Canvas, on a Monday morning, is running slow or not at all. It's been all fits and starts for me and my students. This can kill student motivation and obstruct faculty goals during this public health crisis. Instructure needs to ramp up capacity.

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Community Team
Community Team

Hi Frank,

Thanks for reaching out. We are here for you. With the current global pandemic, we are seeing unprecedented increases in activity and calls for service, and are doing everything we can to meet the increase in demand. We do understand this can be frustrating though and want to help and provide more information on what we are doing to address the issue. 

In response to this situation we are:

  • Scaling up the platform to meet record level usage
  • Prioritizing all development around making Canvas more optimized for the changing use patterns we are seeing
  • Hiring and training more support agents as quickly as we can
  • Pulling people together from around the company who can put aside less essential tasks in order to help respond in Support
  • Working with our Canvas Partners who have optimized their tools for the increased load, particularly on web conferencing and distance learning
  • Adding and organizing resources in the Canvas Community, where we are also seeing unprecedented activity levels
  • Shifting all of our training resources to help facilitate the wave of online-only education that is happening globally

If you have additional questions or concerns please let us know.

And just in case anyone reading this might be interested... Smiley Happy

Instructure - L1 Technical Support Engineer 

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Thank you,  @scottdennis ‌. You're thorough and informative reply is greatly appreciated.

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Too bad all that doesn't make a chat agent appear. We are still paying for a service that no longer exists.

Hi Christine,

Again, we are very sorry that, as the number of people trying to contact Support has seen a massive increase, it is taking longer for people to get through than we'd like.  I just checked the queues for chat and voice and they are longer than our targets but if people stay on they will get through.  Support very much is still there.

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Doesn't pertain directly to the question, but Canvas has been performing slowly or not at all since this morning. It's not a coincidence that it's Monday morning, but this is very bad. Of course, we're trying to be understanding, but it's these slowdowns that will absolutely kill student motivation and obstruct faculty objectives.

 @cohenf , we encourage all Canvas users to check the status page whenever they experience slower-than-expected performance. At this writing, this is what is displaying.


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stefaniesanders, I always do that. In fact, I sent the same screenshot to our IT Dept

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My students for this morning's classes and I were experiencing problems as well.  It took me about 10 minutes to finally get into Canvas and start a conference.  Luckily, most of my students didn't give up and finally got in, too.  Students from another class (we meet tomorrow) have homework to complete today, so I am hoping that I don't get a bunch of "I didn't do it because I couldn't log in." 😕