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Has anyone created a 'fun' quiz about Canvas as part of staff development activity and prepared to share questions?

I wonder if you might be able to give me a little bit of help on a ‘fun’ activity we are planning here at the University of Hull in the UK. We hold regular informal technology based learning breakfast events, when a member of staff showcases a piece of technology they use in their teaching practice. The TEL team do the Christmas one and this year we would like to include a short quiz on Canvas that staff attending will complete in Canvas.

My request concerns some possible questions and/or facts about Canvas and/or Instructure. I would welcome suggestions, though bear in mind the staff attending will have devices with them so need to make using internet to find the answer not too straightforward.

I have come up with following questions so far, but other suggestions would be great.

  1. Why does Canvas use a panda?
  2. The name of the company supplying the Canvas platform is called Instructor. True/False
  3. Where is the Instructure global headquarters located? Salt Lake City
  4. Approximately how many Canvas users are there? 18 million
  5. Whereabouts in London are the Canvas support team located? Kingly Street
  6. In what year did development of the Canvas platform begin? 2008
  7. Which of the following UK Universities use Canvas? Birmingham, Reading, Southampton, Winchester
  8. Which is the oldest iOS operating system required for the Canvas app? – 7
  9. Which technology is used for the Canvas conference tool? Big Blue Button
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Community Coach
Community Coach

 @c_turnock ​, I think this is a really cool idea and will add to your list with this question, "Where did the name Canvas come from?" Here's the link to the answer - A Clean Slate

Also, because there's no right or wrong answer for this I'm going to switch it over to a discussion! I look forward to seeing what other people come up with for questions!