Have anyone else's assignment weights randomly changed to zero?

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It's finals period, and students messaged me saying that their grades had changed due to the new assignment weights...the only problem is that I DIDN'T CHANGE THEM.  This happened with at least another faculty member at my campus, so I am VERY concerned. 

I checked the template to see if it had pushed out any changes, and it had not. I don't know what else might have happened. Anyone else know?

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Hi  @dvillarreal ‌ - That simply should not be happening. I have not had any instructors at my own institution reporting this behavior, for example.  However, one thought that comes to mind is that you mention "template" and that it happened to another faculty member. Are these courses that have been "associated" with a blueprint "master" course? Could the instructor in the blueprint have possibly "pushed" something out? You mentioned you check it, which sounds like you're the instructor of the blueprint; so unless you pressed the SYNC button indeed there should not have been any changes pushed out.  

Do you or the other instructors have TAs and/or course designers? Have you checked with them?  

Again, this simply cannot happen on its own.  You may need to get your local Canvas support involved to check some user logs and/or have them contact Instructure Support to see if they can spot anything that occurred. (You can do this yourself, as well, via Help>>Report a Problem, though this may get routed to your local support first.)  The other instructor who reported this should do this, as well.  That way, support can see if there is something at play.

Sorry I can't think of any more direct help, but as I said this should not be happening on its own, clearly.

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