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Have students viewed feedback

Hi, on my team at school we are working on holding students accountable for checking feedback. I thought that a feature was available that allowed me to see if the student has checked feedback. Does anyone have information on how to use that feature?

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Community Team
Community Team

Hi  @darmstrong ‌ - This is a great question! In SpeedGrader, underneath the submission timestamp, you can see whether or not a student has viewed the annotated feedback provided. (How do I view the details of a submission for a student in SpeedGrader?) Unfortunately, I don't think that there's an easy way to get this information at-a-glance. I hope your students make this a positive routine and that your teachers see the value in encouraging this habit!

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Aside from the technology, the way I know students have read and USED the feedback I give them on their assignments is that it is all part of a cycle of write-revise. The more you can make the feedback "actionable," something that the students will need to use, the more likely it is that they will not just read it, but will also work with it actively and learn from it. 

As someone who teaches writing, I've been collecting feedback materials at Diigo, and I use those materials to help the students learn how to give and receive feedback, making that an explicit theme of the class. Here are those materials:

Improve!: Exploring Growth Mindset 

Since students are often focused on the grade and not really thinking about the feedback, I work really hard on emphasizing the meaning and importance of feedback, and how to use it. This is a major theme of the growth mindset cats. 🙂

Feedback is helpful: don't fear it.

feedback is helpful cat

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To add to what laurakgibbs‌ said (although this is still using the technology), we have some faculty at my institution here who insist that, at the very least, students type something into their own Comments box after reading their feedback and that it is specifically related to something IN the feedback.  I'm not sure if they take off a point or two if they don't, but it at least helps ensure that the student made the effort and the instructor is serious about them reading it. 

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Aha, yes, exactly,  @kblack ‌! That is just the kind of thing I was thinking of. The feedback is more of a DIALOGUE, unlike grades. The one-sidedness of grades is so strong in students' minds that I think they tend to see feedback the same way, very one-sided. Anything that helps make that more into something like a dialogue sounds good to me! 🙂

 @kblack  and laurakgibbs 

I could not agree more. Feedback is only effective when it is a loop! Often I have found that I need to provide an incentive (+ or - points) to encourage that feedback, but most often I have found that if I make my own feedback useful, and encourage my students to engage in that usefulness by responding back, or revising work, or continuing in some learning activity; then I don't need to depend on the incentives - they are just a tool to get the ball rolling for students too adapted/conditioned to working in a vacuum.