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Have the basic font changed in Canvas?

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Has Canvas made a change to its basic font?

My templates look different. It looks like it may have been changed to Helvetica or Arial or something similar.

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On a similar note, Erin‌, I noticed this problem just the other day. I'm using a MacBook Pro and noticed changes from the sans-serif Latoweb to the default serif font. Prior to the May 11 update, Latoweb was recognized, now it's not. Users like me will have to go in and change any inline CSS to "font-family:lato" since latoweb is no longer named within the font family.

Hi, Ron,

Please let us our support team know if you haven't. Our engineers do want to make sure this is working and want to know where it's not. Thanks!


Hi Erin,

The problem hasn't been resolved yet. In edit mode the font looks like Lato but when published looks like another sans serif. It also doesn't look right for the side menu and on the Modules page.

I will contact the support team again but I thought I'd let you know. I haven't had any further reply about the problem being rectified from them since I first mentioned it.

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In platforms other than Macs, characters in international languages do not render very well. Some fonts appear in Arial or Lato, depending on the OS.

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After running some tests, the Lato font is restored back to the way it was before the May 2019 update. Thank you for fixing this issue in the 9/9/2020 deploy! With this issue resolved, I hope for more European languages (especially Czech, Latvian, and Lithuanian) to be supported in the future!
(Czech, Latvian, and Lithuanian are already supported in Canvas Studio.)


Catalan (Català) is the latest language addition as of 9/23/2020.Catalan (Català) is the latest language addition as of 9/23/2020.