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Having one assignment apply to multiple assignment groups for standard-based grading

I am wondering if there is a way to create an assignment and have it apply to multiple Assignment Groups.  Our district uses Infinite Campus and standards-based grading.   There are some assignments that cover multiple standards.  For example, essays are typically split into three standards, even though the student is only turning in one piece of work.  Currently, I can only assign it to one Assignment Group and can't sync the grades correctly with IC to cover those multiple standards.

The only thing I can think of is to post multiple assignments where students upload the same document and assign each one of those assignments a different group, but that seems way to tedious.

Any thoughts?

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I'm not familiar with infinite campus.  Can you link it to the criteria of rubrics instead of to the final grades?  If so you can create a criteria for each standard, grade each criteria using the rubric, and the final grade in canvas will be calculated using the total points earned from all standards.  Then infinite campus can still import the individual standard details from the rubric. 

If you have standards that span multiple assignments, it is possible to use outcomes to create the criteria for that standard, and also decide how the outcome will combine the results from multiple assessments.  Then build your rubric using the criteria from the outcome, and canvas will track progress for those learning outcomes.  Infinite campus might be able to link to the outcomes, even if it cannot link to the rubric criteria directly. 

Otherwise, creating empty tracking assignments for the additional standards, and splitting up the grade between them, might be the only way to do this.  In that case, you might want to present your use case as in idea, and open a conversation about adding this feature to the integration here:

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Hi Aleida:


Have you tried using Canvas Outcomes? Outcomes are equivalent to standards, and if you are using State approved standards, it is very likely that they can be loaded as outcomes into your school's Canvas account, so that they are available to all your teachers. Then you would simply include those outcomes in a rubric associated with an assignment. I have no idea how these play with Infinite Campus and it's "Assignment Groups", but this might be an approach your school will want to investigate.

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We have this issue as well.  We struggle with what is best- teachers creating multiple assignments for the same essay and aligning 1 outcome to each assignment so the grade shows accurate as out of 4 (we have a 4 scale proficiency) or aligning multiple outcomes to 1 assignment and then the grading reports as out of 8 (if 2 outcomes are aligned), 12 (if 3 outcomes are aligned) etc.  Each have their upsides and downsides.  We have decided to go with aligning multiple outcomes to an assignment and help students and parents understand the grades.