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Help! Deleted files showing in course export

We are trying to run an export of our courses but keep having deleted files show up in the IMSCC packages. Has anyone had this issue before and if so, how did you fix it? 

Thanks in advance! 

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Community Team
Community Team

Hi @samantha_smith,

I'm curious to know where the deleted files are appearing.  Are you unpacking the IMSCC locally?  Uploading it to an LMS?  If so, where in the imported course is the content appearing?

Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi @samantha_smith 

Like my friend, @scottdennis , I would like to know where the deleted files are showing up? I have been using Canvas since 2012, and have been a Canvas Admin that same time, and have not had this happen to my faculty.

What has just occurred to me is, are you sure the files were deleted, and not just "Removed" from a module? Removing items from a module does not delete them (except text breaks). When our school first migrated to Canvas, many faculty assumed removing items from a module deleted the item, and ended up with many duplicate files and activities. Check that our first.


That is a plausible explanation, Mr Meeusen.  Thank you.

I was also thinking, but forgot to come back and post, about back in about 2014 we had an issue where if you deleted files in a course, like if you deleted an assignment that had student submissions, and then you copied the course forward, in the destination course there was a folder in Files called Unsorted that would have the submitted files from the assignment  in it.  Do you remember that?