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Help using Canvabadges?

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I'm possibly interested in using Canvabadges here on my school's Canvas instance, but when I went to website (Canvabadges), there was no obvious link to contact the developer. I have some questions that I need to get answered. Does anyone know how I can get in touch with the developers of Canvabadges?



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I'm not able to get canvabadges to work either. I have a free for teachers account and don't have admin rights so does that mean I can't use it?

I signed up for it and everything but it says "couldn't find valid settings for this link" when I try to edit it...

Any help would be awesome!

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Hello @Dr. McKale

What I suggest you to do is the following.

  1. Create a module with the test first and then the badge.
  2. In settings set up that the module will be considered complete once the students sends the test or establish a cut off if you prefer
  3. Go back to your badge (the page you have attached) and scroll down to "Modules requiring completion".
  4. Click on the module that needs to be completed to earn the badge.
  5. Save the changes and that's it!


Hope this helps,


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Well I didn't really want to have to make a separate module for each badge.   But this is causing me to rethink that.

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It look like it's been a while since this site was active but I will try anyway. I have a simple question. How do I delete a badge from a student that I accidentally granted? I do not see an obvious delete button on the "current students" page.

Thank you,

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Community Coach

 @emyers ​, from this discussion on this question it appears that you can't delete a badge - Stacking Badges

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Is this still true that you cannot delete a badge? I created two badges to test and issued them to a student and no longer want those two badges or the student to be stuck with those on her profile. I even deleted the app and reinstalled and the badges were still there. Any help is greatly appreciated! I don't want a student stuck with "test" badges.


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Community Coach

I haven't heard anything about deleting, so my guess is yes - still no deleting.

Hello  @rledda  ,

We are new to canvas. I have installed canvabadges in our system. But i am unable to see badges on user profile.You have given a very detailed version of what needs to be done but apparently i still dont see GlobalJavascript Or css include option in my settings.

i have all the admin right, yet i still dont see that option.Am i missing up on something. I found out that we could include a file within themes. But i am guessing copying the contents in a notepad and uploading that in the themes section doesnt solve our problem.

Thanks in advance:)


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I've got some CanvaBadges it would be good to delete.

We have some test badges that need to be deleted. Would like to know how?