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Please help. Our students have been unable to log into Canvas. They put in for forgot password, and don't get any response. If there is something I need to do on this end please let me know. I have gone thru most of you sites help section to no avail. 

Mike Shepard

360-288-2414  ext. 350

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Hello Mike,

This is a community discussion board for Canvas users from different institutions all over the world, so we do not have access to any specific information about your school's Canvas.

Are you using the "free for teachers" version of Canvas, or does your school have its own Canvas instance?

We are running a paid version. Seems unable to get any help from Canvus. Students that remembered their password from last year, are able to access assignments. But those who forgot their password are unable to get a response when they use the forgot password app on the log in page.

Community Champion

Do you have admin role in Canvas?  The admin should be able to confirm that the students' accounts exist in Canvas, and also check that either the password notification emails are going out (under Admin > Admin Tools > View Notifications), or that the student's email has bounced in the past (Admin > Admin Tools > Bounced Emails) and so is stuck on a "bounce list" that's preventing the emails from going out, and the admin will need to contact Canvas Support and have the student removed from the bounce list.

Of course, if your Canvas is set up to use an alternative authentication source like Active Directory or LDAP, then passwords have to get reset in that system rather than locally through Canvas.