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Hiding Annoucements

When you import a course to the next year, the annoucements come along.  Is there a way to 'hide' the announcements in the Published view for students, but not necessarily have to delete them? I want to keep them and edit them as I go, but not have to reinvent them.  Or do I just import annoucements from last year each time?  

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hello  @sunitai  and welcome to the Canvas Community!  This is a good question.  Before publishing the course, you should  be able to edit the announcements and set the "delay posting" to some time in the future (see How do I delay posting an announcement until a specific date in a course?).  This would prevent students from viewing the announcement and you could come back and change the publish date in the future to what makes most sense.


I hope this helps!

Community Coach
Community Coach

Hello there,  @sunitai ...

I have been reviewing older questions here in the Canvas Community, and I stumbled upon your question.  I wanted to check in with you because I noticed that we have not heard back from you since you first posted your question on March 24, 2018.  It looks like ericwerth provided you with some feedback and a link later that day.  Have you had an opportunity to review Eric's response as the link to the Guide?  If so, did Eric's response help to answer your question?  Do you have any outstanding questions as it relates to your original question?  If you feel that Eric's response has helped to answer your question, please go ahead and click the "Mark Correct" button near his response.  However, if you are looking for additional help, please come back to this thread to post a message below so that someone from the Community might be able to assist you.  For now, I am going to mark your question as "Assumed Answered" because we've not heard back from you and because there hasn't been any new activity in this topic for over four months.  However, that won't prevent you or others from posting additional questions and/or comments below that are related this topic.  I hope that's alright with you, Sunita.  Looking forward to hearing back from you soon.

Community Advocate
Community Advocate

If I hide announcements in Navigation, can I still send out announcements...are there any caveats against doing it that way?

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From what I have been reading, the problem with this method is that the imported announcement when delayed in the new course will not trigger the notification. Can we have verification of that? 

Scenario for clarification: 

Course A, spring semester I post my announcement A, it triggers a push of an email or app notification the student based on their preferences (by default it will send)

I import Course A with the announcement A into Course B. 

Before publishing  Course B, I edit announcement A and delay the posting for some time in the future

At some time in the future the announcement is visible now to students, but that trigger to push the notification/email to the student is NOT activated in the new course... OR IS IT? Within this question, How do I send imported announcements?, it was answered that no there is no push if you edit and delay the posting in a new course. There is a brilliant workaround by @Stefanie, but I just want to verify definitively this is the case and suggest that we get a feature option started for this! 

Thank you so much!

@ericwerth  & @chofer


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I think using the Canvas inbox would accomplish the same effect.