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Hiding Assignments


If a teacher wants to hide an assignment once it is past, is there a way to do it? Unpublishing won't work because there are submissions. We don't want to delete the assignment, just hide it from student view.



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Hello  @christinemoore ...

Could you explain why you might want to hide assignments from your students?  Doing so would also hide grades in the student gradebook.  I'm not clear on why that would be helpful.  I suppose you could use the new Grade Posting Policies in the Gradebook, but again, I am not clear on what benefits there would be for your students not to know what their grades were...which is why you cannot unpublish things after submissions.  If you could help fill in some of these details, that would be great.

Thanks much, Christine.  Be well, and stay safe!

Hey, Chris!

The teacher who asked about it explained to me that she just wanted to "clean up" the view. In other words, once a grading period or module is past, she wanted to be able to move it out of the way, so to speak. There is no desire to hide grades or anything, and I did explain all that to her but assured her I would look around to see if there was anything that could be done. 

After looking, I did not see anything that would work, so took to the boards to see if anyone had any ideas that would work. Smiley Happy I hope that clarifies everything and I appreciate your reply!

Thanks, Chris!!

We have the same issue.   Teachers want to clean up the student's module view, so they want to "hide from student view" previous assignments with submissions. Currently we have teachers remove the assignment from the module list, which destroys their organization, or move the still published assignment to a new (unpublished) module. Neither are great solutions.

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We, too, have the same issue.  Any solutions yet?

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