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When I'm grading, I just want to make sure the students aren't getting updates as I update their scores and provide comments. 

My issue is that unless I manually click "Hide Grades" after I've submitted all my updates it won't show a "Hidden" bubble beside their name, and I'm wondering if it needs to have the "Hidden" bubble there for it to still be hidden. 


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Hi  @tkeith and welcome to the Community.  You can either set a grade posting policy for the entire course (How do I select a grade posting policy for a course in the Gradebook?) or individually per assignment (How do I select a grade posting policy for an assignment in the Gradebook?).  Even if you have it set to hide grades, the icon will not appear indicating grades are being hidden until there is at least one grade entered to hide.  When one grade is added, it should fairly quickly update the grade column to show grades are being hidden.

Hopefully this is helpful!

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