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  1. How can I hide my "inactive" students.  Those who were no-shows will not require a grade like those who drop after the deadline so I can't see any reason to have them on the people list.  Any ideas?  (I did a search for this question but it was answered about a year and a half ago so....)
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Hello  @dking2 ‌...

The only way that I am aware of to not have your students show up on the "People" tab of your course is to remove them.  However, your school may have policies in place that do not allow you to add/remove students on your own, so you would need to check with a local Canvas admin at your school to see if that is an option available to you.  In addition, your school may have some policies in place or reasons why they are setting students as "Inactive" compared to fully removed from the course, but that would probably be a question for them as well.

There is one little trick that you could use that is built-in to Canvas...and that is using the drop-down filters at the top of the "People" page.  You could select just the "Students" or just the "Teachers", for example.  Yet, that wouldn't completely remove someone from the course who is no longer participating in your course.

I hope this is helpful, Donna.

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See if this works.   This is copied verbatim:


First let's look at the Inactive tags.
Previously, when a student was moved from one section to another course section, a student's submissions, grades, and feedback were all lost -- to restore that data, we had to follow manual steps.   Around 3/4 of the way into last school year (2019-2020), a change happened within Canvas that, when a student was moved to another section, they became Inactive in the course, without losing all their course data. The Inactive tag helps you identify a student who was previously enrolled in your course.

This year you may see a lot of Inactive students who never even accessed the course because they were moved to another course or section before school started (and the synchs between Synergy and Canvas already were happening in order to give teachers access to their Canvas courses).   For those students who have the Inactive tag AND zero time logged (zero time = zero data), we are providing steps so you can conclude them.  Note that Inactive students are listed on the People page, but not on the Grades page.

PLEASE DO NOT CONCLUDE STUDENTS who have any data at all in your courses.   This information documents their time or activity in the course.

STEPS to remove (conclude) an Inactive student in your course:

  • Go to your course
  • Click on People in your course menu
  • Click on the Inactive Student's name -- a Student Details tray will slide in on the right of the screen
  • Click the Student's name in the Tray -- a new screen will appear
  • Under Memberships you will see the Section listed => click Conclude
  • [For a more efficient way to do this, click on People and right click on the names of the students to open in a new tab.  This reduces the number of clicks, and keeps the People page open.]

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