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High Security Campuses Using Canvas

Does anyone work with high security campuses such as juvenile detention centers or recovery centers? I'd love to start a group to discuss the intricacies and particular challenges that accompany Canvas in these environments. 

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Howdy.  Ugh, this is a Necro-Post.  Bad netiquette.  But this is the only thing I can find referencing "High Security Campuses."  I work at a Juvenile Detention Center in NM.  We'll be starting up in a few weeks, and so far all our district coordinators are completely stumped as to how to create a canvas shell to handle ELA 6-12 --other than creating 14 shells for 6a through 12b...  We'll never be up and running if we do that.  Security is being addressed separately --we're hoping to get some solid white-list software.  We'll certainly be limiting the functionality of Canvas.

Happy to hear from others in the biz.

-Mr Joseph