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Highlight Tool in SpeedGrader

What happened with the highlight function in Speed Grader? Why does the highlighter now completely block out the text I highlight so that I can't even read the content I've highlighted? This is a horrible idea--I need to be able to read the content in my students' papers that is highlighted.

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Hi Steven:

The Support reps were able to replicate the issue running on El Capitan on the Mac along with the latest version of Chrome, using an external monitor. This was my exact setup and this is when I saw the problem. When I dragged my Chrome window to my laptop screen, the highlighting was normal. When the screen was mirrored, I saw the issue on both monitors. 

The support reps upgraded to High Sierra OS and the problem was solved on their end. 

However, I had an instructor who had High Sierra and did not have an external monitor, and he observed the issue!

So, I am thinking the main issue is El Capitan,Chrome and an External Monitor.

Hope this helps.

The Support Ticket is #03215765


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Hi, thanks for the update.  I will reach out to our TA's and see if they are using a similar setup and proceed accordingly.


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Thanks for posting this. I have a MacBook Pro and am using the latest version of Chrome, and I am seeing the opaque highlighter.  I switched to Mozilla Firefox, and the highlighter is then transparent.  Strange!  I'm glad it's not just me.  Smiley Happy

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What seemed to ultimately resolve the issue for us on a few reported instances with Macs running Chrome was to toggle the hardware acceleration in the chrome settings. Here are the steps.


  1. Copy and paste this url  in the browser       chrome://settings/
  2. In the search bar, type hardware acceleration
  3.  Toggle this setting; If it set to off, turn it on. If it is off, set it to on.
  4. Restart Chrome.





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I am having the same issue in Speed Grader, using chrome on a pc (Dell). I tried the hardware acceleration fix and it did not fix the issue. Help!

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Hi  @dshuger ‌,

I've found the same thing. Working off a Lenovo laptop without any luck with the Hardware acceleration fix either. I've reported this to Canvas and shall wait to see if there are any more suggestions.

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Update: my problem was with my home computer. I tried on the PCs at my university and the highlight did work in Chrome. I wonder if it is a question of Windows versions, as I have Windows 7 running at home (although it worked on my Windows 7 last semester) and maybe the ones at school have upgraded to Windows 10?

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Just encountered this with a teacher today. Okay using Firefox but not Chrome. Submitted a ticket and will let you know if I hear anything back.

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Mine is working correctly again, but since my original post, there has been a Canvas update, a Windows update, and a Chrome update. So, I have no idea which did the trick. 


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Matt, fancy meeting you here. I found your comment by googling "canvas highlight opaque." Still happening to me on Safari, and it's a real bugger. I still highlight and comment thinking that they can read through the highlight on their end.  Yes, let's hope it's corrected in a future release.